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Paganism lies there where it is rejected by the sacred. It’s a territory that sometimes assumes itself to be orthodox and ritual, with its own churches and icons: that’s where we find the rave scene in Anna Pavlova Lives in Berlin, or the farmers that lead their cattle to a hand in hand fight in Battle of the Queens; or if we go to a more spiritual ground, the healers and their therapies in Quantum Men (with Cristóbal Jodorowsky as a guest star) and Esas voces que curan (singing as redemption for the body). The passage from sacred to pagan is attractive and tempting, as the Mormon teenager in the drama Electrick Children knows as she travels to Las Vegas. On the contrary, finding the sacred in everyday life requires a great observational effort, like the one Michael Pilz does in Roman Diary. Or the one artist León Ferrari, a specialist in iconography as the expression of underlying myths in culture, performs in the documentary Civilización.


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