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Cuentas del alma. Confesiones de una guerrillera

Film Information

Exhibition Title Cuentas del alma. Confesiones de una guerrillera
Original Title Cuentas del alma. Confesiones de una guerrillera
English Title Soul Searching. Confessions of a Guerrilla
Director Mario Bomheker
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 65'
  • Guión / Scriptwriter: Mario Bomheker, Carmen Guarini
  • Fotografía / Cinematography: Mario Bomheker
  • Edición / Editing: Mario Bomheker
  • Producción / Producer: Marcelo Céspedes
  • Compañía Productora / Production Company: MC Producciones
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One single testimony. It’s only her and the entire weight and depth of her history. Miriam is now settled in Israel, with a new life, a family, and the chance of slowly elaborating her entire history. Born into a traditional Jewish family, Miriam joined the armed resistance in the Seventies. She was captured and imprisoned soon before the last military dictatorship would take power in Argentina. In an attempt to save her life, she declared she was now reformed in a controversial press conference around the time of the coup. Even when she managed to escape death, Miriam became a hinge charged with distrust: since her former comrades-in-arms saw her as a traitor, she was forced into exile with no one to turn to, and her only chance was a new start from scratch. As she began to review what had happened, the protagonist of Cuentas del alma found anger, criticism, and sadness. Apart from understanding what had happened, she had to go through the huge task of forgiving herself and settling her own scores.

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