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El etnógrafo

Film Information

Exhibition Title El etnógrafo
Original Title El etnógrafo
English Title The Etnographer
Director Ulises Rosell
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 86'
  • Intérpretes / Cast: John Palmer
  • Guión / Scriptwriter: Ulises Rosell
  • Fotografía / Cinematography: Guido De Paula
  • Edición / Editing: Andrés Tambornino
  • Producción / Producer: Pablo Rey
  • Compañía Productora / Production Company: Fortunato Films
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Continuing with some of the ideas that were present in Bonanza (2001), Rosell shows us the daily routines of a wichi community. Along with the ethnographer, he submerges deep into Salta, and makes the wichi talk in their own language in Tartagal. But as in Borges’ story, this American ethnographer “ends up dreaming in a language that is different from the one his parents taught him”. Rosell stages the multiplicity of languages –those inherited and those acquired along the way– to propose that language is what defines and identifies us. This foreign anthropologist comes to research the social practices of a particular community. He decides to live there and becomes the voice of the wichi resistance, defending their lands, traditions and identity. This film works with the gap that is formed when we neglect small villages and its traditions, exposing in tensely but politely the way in which traditions coexist with conflict within a social structure.


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