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Offf PDV: ¡Retaguardia!

Film Information

Exhibition Title Offf PDV: ¡Retaguardia!
Original Title Offf PDV: ¡Retaguardia!
English Title
Directors Albert Alcoz
Greta Alfaro
David Ferrando Giraut
Daniel Cuberta
Andrés Duque
Lluís Escartín
Fernando Franco
Virginia García del Pino
Kikol Grau
Los Hijos
Isaki Lacuesta
Víctor Iriarte
Enrique Piñuel
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 73'
  • Directores / Directors: Albert Alcoz, Greta Alfaro, David Ferrando Giraut, Daniel Cuberta, Andrés Duque, Lluís Escartín, Fernando Franco, Virginia García del Pino, Kikol Grau, Los Hijos, Isaki Lacuesta, Víctor Iriarte, Enrique Piñuel.
  • Músicos / Musicians: Almanaque Zaragozano, Javier Corcobado, Germán & Co., Don Simón y Telefunken, El Teatro Magnético, Kokoshca, La Débil, Laia Escartín Eclectic Jam, Mursego, Remate, Salvaje Montoya.
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Last year, Bafici hold a special session of the Punto de Vista Festival that included the screening of some of the films produced by the festival. The session aimed to recognize the singularity of a small competition that in seven years managed to mark a spot in the international landscape thanks to its coherent, risk-taking spirit. A few months later, when its eighth edition was almost fully prepared, the government of Navarra, which organizes Punto de Vista, decided to cancel it with the excuse of the financial crisis. The people’s response, complaints, signatures, and the audience’s outraged reaction made the government reconsider its stand, and so the festival was turned into a biannual event, postponing it until 2013 and offering in 2012 an International Seminar to ease its absence. That energetic popular protest produced Offf PDV: ¡Retaguardia!, a music and audiovisual festival to honor Punto de Vista, which gathered groups and filmmakers to defend the opportunities for reflection, culture, and freedom in two days of concerts and screenings. This program includes the videos that were made for those two February nights in Pamplona, all of them conceived to be screened during the concerts. All of them, or at least most of them, were made using lost family movies, recovered by Yourlostmemories.com initiative. A gift to Punto de Vista from the filmmakers who have supported, defended, and promoted ever since it was created, and form the most attractive elements of the contemporary Spanish audiovisual landscape.

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