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Cinématon - 25 Cinématons de comédiens

Film Information

Exhibition Title Cinématon - 25 Cinématons de comédiens
Original Title Cinématon - 25 Cinématons de comédiens
English Title
Director Gérard Courant
Year 1999
Format DM
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 100'
  • Dirección / Director: Gérard Courant
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“Cinématon is a series of film portraits that expose a personality of the arts, culture, politics, and show business, in one single fixed and silent shot in which everyone is free to do as they please”.

Gérard Courant

“It would be a mistake to believe Cinématon deals with sadism or masochism. There aren’t any sadist or masochist relationships between the people featured and the director. It’s more like an issue of pleasure/pain. The pleasure is for the experience of being in front of a camera. The suffering is for staying. And, for the filmmaker, the pleasure comes from filming.

You could even say this suffering and this pleasure are inseparable –that they are not two complementing qualities, but rather a single unique one. Of course, all the participants are committed to accept the rules of Cinématon. The simple fact of lending themselves to that game implies, first of all, that they’re willing to be chained to the camera, and as the film advances also their wish to free themselves, get out, leave everything behind, of saying ‘Stop’”.

Michel Foucault, December 3rd,1981

25 Cinématons de comédiens

129 Lou Castel

172 Marie Rivière

238 Sandrine Bonnaire

264 Galaxie Barbouth

282 Laszlo Szabo

376 Julie Delpy

441 Juliet Berto

505 Mireille Perrier

506 Gérard Jugnot

615 Richard Bohringer

764 Béatrice Romand

765 Charlotte Very

786 Jean-François Stévenin

793 Catherine Frot

795 Marushka Detmers

800 Nicholetta Braschi

910 Feodor Atkine

911 Horst Tappert

926 Stéphane Audran

976 Alain Chabat

1324 Maurice Baquet

1824 Nineto Davoli

1844 Jean-Pierre Kalfon

1938 Mathieu Amalric

1996 Gérard Blain

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