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20 April 2012

The documentary Fantasía lusitana shows the reality of Portugal during World War I, under the administration of Oliveira Salazar, who kept his regime neutral in the conflict (as a policy of the so-called “Estado novo”). Produced by João Trabulo, the film by Joao Canijo is an assemblage of official “Estado Novo” propaganda footage, from newscasts that preceded film sessions and rare images of some of the most notable European refugees that stayed in Lisbon during the 1940s. The documentary will be screened today (please check the venue and times), and there are tickets available at the Festival’s outlets and on this website.

"Fantasía Lusitana is a film about the contrast between the fanciful reality created by official propaganda and manipulated information in Portugal, and the naked, raw and harsh reality of refugees that went through Lisbon,” said the prestigious Portuguese filmmaker, subject of a Focus in this edition of the Festival.

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