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Lois Patiño

Lois Patiño

The evolution Lois Patiño has experienced in little over four years has been amazing. After his first and still insecure documentaries Profesor Tejero, Rayito and Zuma –portraits of people living in the margins of society and whose conduct is afflicted by madness– now comes a series of video-creations: Distance-Landscape, featuring wide-ranged overwhelming images that almost drown details, and Duration-Landscape, with ingenious effects that provide pictorial features to natural spaces captured in fixed shots. That interest for the landscape reaches masterful levels in his three latest short films, all of them so beautiful they’re hard to beat. Na vibración takes place in the primitive and volcanic force of Iceland that is also the background for In Landscape Movement, which starts from the contemporary topic of how the human figure is buried by nature, and collisions the absolute stillness of a body with the very delicate mutations of its surrounding environment. In Mountain in Shadow what seduces us is the choreographic displacement of skiers as captured by a camera that floats over some impossible point and offers disconcertingly frontal views.
The filmmaker plays a game of revealing textures, in the border between reality and dream. He has fun, and flippantly escapes the inherent solemnity of the sublime without letting himself get buried by referents. Like the ones of James Benning or Sharon Lockhart, the work of Lois becomes more beautiful as it gets more playful; you can sense a growing feeling of joy, and therefore his extreme aestheticism does not invite paralysis, but dance. He doesn’t show the grief of the tortured author, but the cheerful spirit of those who know about the pleasure of watching and listening. His wisdom, perseverance, and curiosity are the basis for the maturity of an unfinished gem: Death Coast, the luminous celebration of a country –Galicia– that is not always up to the level of its finest creators. Lois is one of them: we don’t need to wait fifty years to say so.






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