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Buenos días resistencia / Resistente / Tabula Rasa

april 15
sold out

Village Recoleta Mall

Room: 5



Director ← [ + info ]

Jonathan Perel

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1976. He studied Combined Arts in the UBA. He directed the short films 5 (cinco) (Bafici ‘08) and Los murales (Bafici ‘11), as well as the feature-length films El predio (Bafici ‘10) and 17 monumentos (Bafici ‘12). He won the Metropolitan Arts Fund twice.

Director ← [ + info ]

Adrián Orr

He was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1981. He majored in Communication at the UCM, and later studied Filmmaking at the ESTC in Lisbon. He directed the documentary short films The Ants (2007) and Gentlemen (2010).

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