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Men in the Ring

april 16
sold out

Teatro San Martín

Room: 5


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Erich Langjahr

Born in 1944 in Switzerland, deep in his spirit Erich Langjahr is one of the filmmakers who best represents New Switzerland Cinema. A preferably documentary filmmaker since the early Seventies, every work of his is born out of the confirmation of a complete independence in terms of production and direction, as well as a perfect adaptation of his projects to the territory that creates his identity, and an exemplary commitment to reveal his productions to different audiences.

The Swiss mountain territories is where Langjahr lives, observes, reflects, and elaborates his film work, which forces him to physically appropriate the locations on which he unfolds his work. That’s how he connects with the march, the reliefs in the terrain, the weight of an exhausted body climbing the slopes, and the indispensable force needed to film the activities and gestures of his characters with his favorite tools. Langjahr is an adept to the technology inherited from the tradition of silver images. He shoots with a 16mm camera even in the high-ground pasturelands that demand considerable efforts, always together with her partner, Silvia Haselbeck.

His films are impregnated with a disappointed lucidity, a demanding intelligence and a generous rooting into the beauties of a territory that is undisputedly transformed by the evolution of a consumer, hedonist, and strongly conservative society. He knows how to get rid of everything that is picturesque, despite the fact that he films beautiful images. You could say Langjahr is a post-Romantic filmmaker, with an eye that is sustained by the memory of 20th century iconographic tradition (its immaculate landscapes, blessed by the gods) as well as a radical critique to any form of idealism. He has one foot in Switzerland and the other one in the anteroom of globalization. The heart of this evolution –programmed by Western and Helvetian value systems– is where for the past thirty years Erich Langjarh has been inscribing his films, loading them with memories and dreams, fragments of utopia, and waves of disillusionment .


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