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Cortos - Competencia 1

april 21
sold out

Village Recoleta Mall

Room: 7



Director ← [ + info ]

Melina Serber

Born in Buenos Aires in 1986, she studied Image and Sound Design at the UBA. She worked as a production assistant and director in several audiovisual projects, and works as a film professor at the UBA.

Director ← [ + info ]

Sebastián Elsinger

He was born in San Miguel de Tucumán in 1978. He graduated from Universidad del Cine, and later studied in K-Arts, National Art University of Korea. In 2010 he participated in the Festival’s Talent Campus.

Director ← [ + info ]

Segundo Arregui

He was born in Tres Arroyos, in the Buenos Aires province, in 1986. He graduated as a set designer at the UNLP and worked as an art director in film and theater. Hijas del río is his first short film.

Director ← [ + info ]

Guillermina Pico

Born in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, in 1985, she studied Film and Acting. Her first short film, Yo, Natalia, won the Best Short Film and Audience Award in Bafici ‘09.

Director ← [ + info ]

Martín Mainoli

He was born in the province of Salta in 1973, and graduated in Filmmaking at the Cievyc. Mi vida... Feliz Bicentenario (Bafici ‘11) and El hombre rebelde (Bafici ‘12) are some of his works.

Director ← [ + info ]

Lucía Salazar

Born in 1986 in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2011 she founded the production company Blackfox Films, through which she made several projects. She directed commercials, music videos, and the short films Jimmy vs. Plush (2010) and Eanna (2012).

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