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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title P3ND3JO5
Director Raúl Perrone
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour B&W
Duration 150'
  • Mariano Blanco, Cabito, Yenien Teves, Eugenia Juárez, Fernando Daniel
  • G, E, S, P: Raúl Perrone
  • F: Raúl Perrone, Hernán Soma, Bernardo Demonte, Fabián Blanco
  • M: Nomenombresway
  • PE: Pablo Ratto
  • CP: Les envies que je te désire
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P3ND3JO5 is a title that in order to be heard must force its graphic nature and be pronounced “Pendejos”. The movement and change the sound produces are essential in P3ND3JO5. According to the director: “P3ND3JO5 is musical, with ghosts, and skaters. A cumbia-opera in three acts and a coda, for people to see as one continuous feature. It’s about faces / gazes / desire / love / drama / tragedy / shots / raw image in B&W 4:3”. The music score goes from electronic cumbia to opera, passes through Los Violadores, and stops in a boy that plays his guitar. There are conversations we don’t hear: they become intertitles like in silent cinema, which is also targeted through the iris, a quote to Dreyer’s Joan of Arc, the black & white cinematography, and even the format: 4 wide by 3 high. The skies, the boys, and the streets: Perrone’s usual themes featured in a different aesthetic, with lots of travelling shots in the skateboarding scenes and the walks. P3ND3JO5 is a lot of things within Perrone’s cinema: a summa, his longest, most excessive, ambitious, and perhaps visually beautiful film. A new, comprehensive work by a filmmaker who now deepens his singular and uncompromising view. JPF


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