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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Alunizar
English Title Land on the Moon
Directors Lucas Larriera
Pepa Astelarra
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 100'
  • Mirta Varela, Franco Fugazza, Gonzalo Aguilar, Mónica Cahen D’anvers, Graciela Guiñazú
  • G: Lucas Larriera, Pepa Astelarra
  • F: Lucas Turturro
  • E: Adrián Martínez
  • DA: Valeria Martínez
  • S: Mercedes Tennina
  • M: Miguel Tennina
  • P: Andrés Martínez Cantó, Eloísa Tarruella, Lucas Larriera, Pepa Astelarra
  • PE: Andrés Martínez Cantó, Eloísa Tarruella
  • CP: Proyecto Apollo
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An investigation-film: Pepa and Lucas are trying to recreate man’s first step on the moon, forty years later. But the archive footage triggers lots of questions. They contact sociologist Mirta Varela, who is writing a book about Argentine TV, in order to search for the record of the original 1969 broadcast. Reflections on the mechanisms of live broadcast and the TV context start to appear. A conspiracy theory arises. Is it possible that people never saw the first human step on the moon, but the second? Pepa and Lucas want to go beyond that so they look for moon aficionados, ufologists, pataphysicists, and other specialists in order to keep posing the question about the steps on the moon. Salvador Dalí used to suggest the critical-paranoid method to address those images that are the cause of so many obsessions. Alunizar is kind of a nice and obstinate exercise of that method: a pleasant, arborescent tour that stages not only a curious subject, but also the drive of wanting to know more –born out of a healthy mistrust of the images that results in new images. JPF


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