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Los tentados

Film Information

Exhibition Title Los tentados
English Title Tempted
Director Mariano Blanco
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 82'
  • Ramiro Sciallo, Lucía Romera, Javier Abril Rotger, Fany Palmieri
  • E: Mariano Blanco
  • F: Ian Feld
  • DA: Jerónimo Quevedo, Florencia Clerico
  • S: Eugenia Brañeiro
  • P: Mariano Blanco, Sofía Camdessus, Jerónimo Quevedo
  • PE: Mariano Blanco, Sofía Camdessus, Jerónimo Quevedo CP: Biaba Cine, Universidad del Cine
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Lule and Rama: their life as a couple is sustained on a difficult balance –always one step away from turning into either heaven or hell. And it shouldn’t surprise us if at some point the relationship turns into either of these possibilities. At the height of summer, they’re both rehearsing their first moves as an adult, established couple. The roles are starting to get defined: they invite friends for dinner, go to the beach, organize a home barbecue on Christmas Eve… Eventually, they go back to old codes they use to test each other, and play like children with gestures that have their share of barely contained aggression. The days go by. When they’re together, a certain harmony reigns in their everyday life. However, things are very different when Rama is left alone. After his winter-set first film, It’s Us, Mariano Blanco delivers a sharp couple portrait with the Mar del Plata summer as a background. A drama that skillfully moves from sentimental pleasantness to awkwardness, and confirms the huge talent of a filmmaker who has the ability to conceal depth charges inside the most common everyday situations. FG

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