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El amor (primera parte)

Film Information

Exhibition Title El amor (primera parte)
English Title Love (Part One)
Directors Alejandro Fadel
Martín Mauregui
Santiago Mitre
Juan Schnitman
Year 2004
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 110'
  • Leonora Balcarce, Luciano Cáceres
  • F: Soledad Abot Glenz, Martín Mohadeb, Soledad Rodríguez, Laura Caligiuri
  • E: Andrés Pepe Estrada
  • DA: Nuri Garabano, Agustina Liendo
  • S: Luciano Moreno
  • M: Gabriel Chwojnik
  • P: Mariano Llinás
  • CP: El Pampero Cine, Universidad del Cine
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Pedro and Sofía “are happy, and then they’re not”, says the radio-like off-voice. The duration of P and S is quantified, weighted, and measured by four names that stand today –as free and connected as back then– among the finest present situation of Argentine cinema (Alejandro Fadel, Martín Mauregui, Santiago Mitre, and Juan Schnitman). But even if this film would have been the exception, Love (Part One) uses an omniscient DIY to cut and paste P and S (plates, intertitles, maps, dreams, confessions, audios, and, of course, songs) like no other Argentine film has done before. Rather than four sets of hands, these four hearts (hardened by “first parts” and cinephilia) perform a false inspection on P and S that manages to provide love with an almost physical presence. In its mixture of instants, pains, impulses, intimacies, and passions, Love… is our own mix-tape film made of several footprints that understand being pessimistic, optimistic, and realistic about love, and all its parts, is the most logical (and illogical) thing on the planet. Scientifically proved.


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