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Film Info
La libertad

Film Information

Exhibition Title La libertad
English Title Freedom
Director Lisandro Alonso
Year 2001
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 73'
  • Misael Saavedra
  • G: Lisandro Alonso
  • F: Cobi Migliora
  • E: Martín Mainoli, Lisandro Alonso
  • DA: Lisandro Alonso, Silvana Cejas
  • S: Catriel Vildosola
  • M: Juan Montecchia
  • P: Hugo Alonso
  • PE: Lisandro Alonso
  • CP: 4L
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In his Notes on the Cinematographer, Robert Bresson stated that a film “is not made for the eyes to stroll through it, but to penetrate in it and get completely absorbed by it”. Something of that strange hypnotic power and intransigent character fueled Freedom, Lisandro Alonso’s first film with a title that became a flag and an aesthetic program for his entire cinema. Few films are effectively as free, sovereign and yet rigorous as this one. A simple day in the life of a lonely lumberjack, that’s the whole plot of Freedom. And yet that sober, meager material is enough for Alonso to give a vision of the world and of cinema, without the need to even wonder about that indiscernible frontier between fiction and documentary. The film is there, its mere presence seems to make that question irrelevant. Freedom thoroughly observes the curious routine of a lone man, and from that unity, reflects what’s intrinsically human in all of them. LM

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