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Modelo 73

Film Information

Exhibition Title Modelo 73
English Title 73 Model
Director Rodrigo Moscoso
Year 2001
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 75'
  • Emmanuel Moscoso, Fernando Belton, Sebastián Colina
  • P: Rodrigo Moscoso
  • G: Rodrigo Moscoso, Juan Villegas
  • F: Guillermo Nieto
  • E: Nicolás Goldbart
  • DA: Paula Ferrer
  • S: Jésica Suárez
  • M: Adrián Paoletti
  • PE: Nathalie Cabiron
  • CP: Saturno, Tresplanos Cine
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“If you have a car, you will fuck like crazy”, says someone at a time when Christmas is about to come in Salta, and so three twenty year-old boys –who have certain problems meeting girls– put a dilapidated red Chevy up in a pedestal. On the same night they put their money together and buy the car, the boys learn success is a matter of chance, and luck usually travels in a new model. One of the nicest scenes in 73 Model features Adrián Cayetano Paoletti singing live “Learning Is Stealing”, and that sentence fits perfectly in this film in which three friends have a whole summer (between Christmas and Carnival time) to grow up alone and insert themselves into an adult universe that appears to be shady. 73 Model is a coming-of-age film that grew with time. It captures the essence of its era –that last swing of the Nineties– and expresses a way of making films that doesn’t exist anymore in Argentina. And, above all, it maintains that same freshness that made it an outstanding entry of Bafici ‘01, and shows no signs of old age whatsoever.


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