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Mundo Grúa

Film Information

Exhibition Title Mundo Grúa
English Title Crane World
Director Pablo Trapero
Year 1999
Format 35 mm
Colour B&W
Duration 90'
  • Luis Margani, Adriana Aizemberg, Daniel Valenzuela, Roly Serrano, Federico Esquerro
  • G, P: Pablo Trapero
  • F: Cobi Migliora
  • E: Nicolás Goldbart
  • DA: Andrés Tambornino
  • S: Catriel Vildosola
  • M: Francisco Canaro
  • PE: Pablo Trapero, Lita Stantic
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It’s a paradox, but the emergence in 1999 of Crane World, a black & white film, resulted in an explosion of remarkable emotional and stylistic colors. The film tells the story of how a fifty year-old man named Rulo Margani (who is named Rulo Margani in real life, and played bass in a rock band) tries to survive in a world where machines and the cult of efficiency have displaced good old work ethics. But here there are no declamations, typical portraying of customs, or “national” stressing, the kind of which used to ballast Argentine cinema –and today seems to be ballasting it again. This is a universal film with a transparent story, much smaller than it already seems, in which the setting transforms Rulo’s everyday tragicomic Purgatory into an authentic ride through Hell. All the ideas in this film are visual: from the huge cranes that open the film like a menace, until the ghostly ride through the Patagonian landscape; from an attic filled with Rulo’s useless memories to that bass that disappears in the hands of his son and gets dissolved in the plot.



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