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Film Info
Buscando la esfera del poder

Film Information

Exhibition Title Buscando la esfera del poder
Director Tetsuo Lumiere
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 90'
  • Tetsuo Lumiere, Luis Sosa Arroyo, Ángeles Olleta, Natasha Ivannova,
  • Germán Da Silva
  • G, E, PE: Tetsuo Lumiere
  • F: Sergio Nemirovsky, Gabriela C. Chirife
  • DA: Gabriela C. Chirife, Tetsuo Lumiere
  • S: Felipe Bermúdez
  • P: Sergio Alejandro Palma, Tetsuo Lumiere
  • CP: Palmagnificent, Uncertain Motion Pictures
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A recurrent image in the universe of this beautiful Argentine filmmaker named Tetsuo Lumiere: an alien invasion with ships shaped as everyday objects descends on Buenos Aires and destroys the Obelisk. This description might not be accurate, and the term “recurrent” might be too much, but there’s something in TL’s spirit that is related to that crossroads: to imagine portentous adventures and bring them to the film screen using whatever he can find at hand. That’s what he does here again, in the equally pleasant and ambitious Buscando la esfera del poder, a plot that features princesses and princes, heroes and villains, aliens and Christians, and is set in the everyday and estranged Buenos Aires he has turned into a trademark –a fragile metropolis, always about to succumb to the advance of dark forces. Here, TL also raises the stakes and definitely moves his sci-fi adventure towards silent comedy. This one has heart and fangs, both equally sharp. MP


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