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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Parapalos
English Title Pin Boy
Director Ana Poliak
Year 2004
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 90'
  • Adrián Suárez, Nancy Torres, Roque Chappay, José Luís, Seytón Guzmán, Dorian Waldemar
  • E, PE: Ana Poliak
  • G: Ana Poliak, Santiago Loza, Adrián Suárez
  • F: Víctor “Kino” González, Alejandro Fernández Mouján
  • DA: Alejandra Taubin, Ana Poliak
  • S: Luis Corazza
  • M: Improvisada
  • P: Ana Poliak, Cis Bierinckx
  • CP: Viada, Alta Definición, Desire Production
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One of the great secret films of recent Argentine cinema, and one of the greatest portraits of work local film production has ever delivered. Ana Poliak’s Pin Boy tells the story of Adrián, a young man who comes from the interior to work in Buenos Aires. The extraordinary sequence shot at the beginning, in which Adrián waits for his job-mandatory medical inspection completely naked, already reveals the film’s core: the body and its work force. Adrián will get a job in a bowling alley –first, he will learn the trade from his peers, and then he will execute it. The geometrical precision of the setting is astounding: the bowling alley works as a perimeter that sets a physical and symbolic distance between those who play and those who work. Poliak’s intelligent sensitivity consists in discovering the game’s countershot: the idea is to watch the workers’ body habits while listening to the discourses with which they carry on their work.


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