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Film Info
Cabeza de ratón

Film Information

Exhibition Title Cabeza de ratón
Director Ivo Aichenbaum
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 78'
  • G, F, DA, P, PE: Ivo Aichenbaum
  • E: Ariela Bergman
  • S: Lautaro Aichenbaum, María Fernanda Sáenz
  • M: Hermética, Psycho Clown
  • CP: VZA Vozna Estudio
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Disillusionment is measured like this: with all the anger in the universe.

Ivo Aichenbaum goes back to Río Gallegos, the city from where he left years ago to study Filmmaking in Buenos Aires. The journal of that devastating return is called Cabeza de ratón, a story that is constantly balancing between the strangeness and the disenchantment the filmmaker feels about coming home. Aichenbaum goes back to Patagonia because he finished his studies, and because he just ended a relationship in the capital city. He goes back following the trail of Pablo, Chori, a friend who committed suicide –he came back before him and never managed to adjust. “Going to an empty field and taking your own life is a furious symptom”. This way the past is a ghost runway for a parade of old institutional videos about the foundation of Río Gallegos, moments of adolescence, the face of the Eternauta character, and Psycho Clown, the metal band Aichenbaum and his friend Chori had together…

And the present means sitting down on a promenade, counting the cars that pass by. And looking for a job in a city where you barely have friends or contacts. FG


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