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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Süden
Director Gastón Solnicki
Year 2008
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 67'
  • Mauricio Kagel, Ensamble Süden, Klara Csordas, Maurizio Leoni, Roland Hermann
  • F: Diego Poleri, Gastón Solnicki
  • E: Andrea Kleinman
  • S: Jason Candler
  • M: Mauricio Kagel
  • P: Gastón Solnicki
  • CP: Filmy Wiktora
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The cinema of Gastón Solniki is apparently marked by exile and music. This is true not only for Süden –his 2008 debut film– and Papirosen –his family portrait of 2012– but also for the film he’s making now together with Martha Argerich. The exile of composer Mauricio Kagel, whose return to Argentina –after forty years of living in Germany, and soon before his passing– is portrayed in Solnicki’s Süden –just like he will later record his own family’s Diaspora in Papirosen and Martha Argerich’s exile condition. Solnicki’s love for music can be seen not in his choice of themes and characters, but in the form his films have. With editing as a composing principle, Süden is purely a question of visual harmonies and counterpoints, durations of notes/shots, rhythms (in the editing), and tones (insightful, humorous, paradoxical). And above all –considering the nature of his main character– a sense of atonality and foreignness that provide the film’s “strange” quality within the prevailing film systems.


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