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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Chicama
Director Omar Forero
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 75'
  • José Sopán, Ana Paula Ganoza
  • G: Omar Forero
  • F: Mario Bassino
  • E: Eric Williams
  • DA: Ronald Garcia
  • S: Willy Lizarbe
  • M: Santiago Pillado
  • P: Carolina Denegri, Héctor Gálvez
  • PE: Héctor Gálvez, Omar Forero
  • CP: X Comunicación Alternativa
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Omar Forero’s film distills honesty and intelligence. It’s a fable that depicts the hard time a young professor has when trying to find a job after he graduates. Narrated through its images, the long and beautiful sequence shots witness not only the complex and steep path the professor must take, but also show the far places of Perú, the deep mountain with its social differences, backward technological state, and particular way in which time passes. The professor’s initiation story enables Forero to smartly depict the current situation of his country, focusing on the disconnection between big cities and interior towns, the indifference of government officials, the ruling bureaucracy, the difficult reinsertion of young people in the labor world, and the strong social tensions. The film is called Chicama, like the river that surrounds the town of Santa Cruz de Toledo –where the young man starts working as a teacher– and flows into the Pacific. That river might draw the shape education should have in Perú: it should be more open, connecting, democratic, and oceanic. MG


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