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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Chiri/Trace
Original Title Chiri
Director Naomi Kawase
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 45'
  • Uno Kawase, Naomi Kawase, Mitsuki
  • F, E: Naomi Kawase
  • S: Osamu Takizawa
  • M: hasiken
  • P: Naomi Kawase, Yuko Naito
  • CP: Kumie
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With a title that could be roughly translated as “Ashes” or “Dust”, Chiri features Kawase as she accompanies the last days of her grandmother Uno. And she seems to take this formula literally –if only to contradict it– when she states that you can’t stare at the sun or at death without facing it with either composure or restlessness. Kawase’s peculiar use of close-up shots, almost like caresses, acquires a huge evocative power that is displayed through her grandmother’s appearances in the filmmaker’s previous films, but also in the connections with nature, the spaces, and the changes in the light. This often becomes clear in shots of great plastic beauty that yet have also an unimaginable rawness: more precisely, an unimaginable cruelty, but in the elevated sense of the “Theater of Cruelty” –the direct confrontation of that which makes people human. An intriguing, even disturbing experience, Chiri carries the incandescent promise –constantly attempted but rarely achieved– of a fully open exchange with everyone through the most intimate and deep experiences. JMF

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