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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Aguamadre
English Title Watermother
Director Lucía van Gelderen
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 10'
  • Catalina Muñoz
  • E: Lucía van Gelderen
  • G: Lucía van Gelderen, Facundo Yanzón
  • F: Alejandro Ortigueira
  • DA: Constanza Pueyrredón
  • S: Martín Grignaschi
  • M: Richard Jürgens
  • P: Anabel Pillado
  • PE: Gonzalo Rodríguez Bubis, Lucía Navarro, Lucía van Gelderen
  • CP: Morocha Films, Alta Definición Argentina
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What happens there, in the origin, in the immense, in the unknown. What happens when differences grow, or disappear. When the rhythm is different, when things can be more than they were or nothing at all. It all happens there, in the water, in the ocean, to where Justina travels in order to find her essence, what she is.

And in that search she finds gigantic whales, those huge, natural and peaceful manifestations of nature that help her understand how all her questions have the answer in herself.


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