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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Cold
Original Title Soguk
Director Ugur Yücel
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 105'
  • Cenk Medet Alibeyoglu, A. Rifat Sungar, Valeria Skorokhodova, Yulia Vanyukova, Yulia Erenler
  • G: Ugur Yücel
  • F: A. Emre Tanyildiz
  • E: Ulas Cihan Simsek, Mark Marnikovic
  • DA: Gülay Dogan
  • S: Burak Topalakci
  • M: Murat Basaran, Ugur Yücel
  • P: Erol Avci
  • PE: Engin Sarial
  • CP: TMC Film Yapim
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A small town in Turkey near the Georgian border –an extremely cold area. And it’s winter. A thick layer of snow covers the landscape. In the middle of that radiant, powerful whiteness, a train passes by. Reserved and severe Balabey, who lives a traditional life and works for the rail company, is the one in charge of authorizing –right there– the passage of trains according to a series of conditions he must check. A married man with one daughter and a son in the way, Balabey has a short-tempered, violent brother who is about to get married. In the town’s brothel, three Russian sisters prostitute themselves. At his brother’s wedding Balabey gets insistently invited to a night out with the men. And he will meet Irina. From then on, melodramatic and tragic forces accelerate in this film that is convinced of its use of a high tone and trusts the visual and sound power it unfolds, attached to its rough-spirited characters and proudly breathing literature it later exhales in the form of solid, grounded cinema. JPF


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