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Cuéntame de Bía

Film Information

Exhibition Title Cuéntame de Bía
Director Andrea Franco
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 70'
  • Marcos Rimache, Caletty Fleischman,
  • Anita Challco, Maggie Batievsky, Eliane Batievsky
  • F, E, P: Andrea Franco
  • S: Craig Smith
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With a tight grip on its always awake and frontal instinct-driven camera, and a big bag full of archive footage, Andrea Franco goes through the Perú of her childhood using as her only compass the figure of her grandfather Bernardo Batievsky, a local pioneer of film and TV production. But although the life and work of BB (his friends called him “Bía”) is remembered, reconstructed, and explored all throughout the film, as minutes go by its gravitational center moves subtly towards Caletty, Batievsky’s widow, a grandmother with a great memory whose testimonies shed light on a documentary that at times seems determined not to give up its home-movie nature. With a title that also works as a thorough description of the film, Tell Me About Bía is one of those films that pretend to be small and hide their complexity in every shot, but –luckily for those who face them eyes with wide open– will soon reveal all its greatness. PM


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