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Film Info
Il futuro

Film Information

Exhibition Title Il futuro
English Title The Future
Director Alicia Scherson
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 94'
  • Manuela Martelli, Luigi Ciardo, Rutger Hauer, Alessandro Giallocosta, Nicolas Vaporidis
  • G: Alicia Scherson
  • F: Ricardo de Angelis
  • E: Soledad Salfate, Ana Álvarez Osorio
  • DA: Tim Pannen, Marta Zani, Sebastián Muñoz
  • S: Miguel Hormazábal
  • M: Eduardo Henriquez, Caroline Chaspoul
  • P: Bruno Bettati, Christoph Friedel, Mario Mazzarotto,
  • Claudia Steffen, Emanuele Nespeca, Luis Ángel Ramirez, Álvaro Alonso
  • CP: Jirafa Films
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The future is an overwhelming amount of uncertainties for Bianca and Tomas now that they’re on their own and the death of their parents in a crash barely left them with a feeling of emptiness and a strange glow –maybe the still remaining energy of those who are gone– that occasionally reappears, illuminating and blinding. Suddenly, Bianca finds herself taking on responsibilities she’s not sure she wants or is able to assume, and coexisting with his younger brother’s new friends, two rogue-ish boys. They suggest a small criminal plan that involves a retired veteran star of peplum –those old and beloved films that featured Hercules, Maciste, and other big strong men. There are several entry doors to this sensitive adaptation of Una novelita lumpen –the first film adaptation of a book by Bolaño– and one of them could be the lightly touristic setting in which we can detect the current European ruin. But the most irresistible approach the one fueled by morbid fascination, with scenes featuring the oiled, naked body of a beloved inhabitant of Latin American indie (Martelli) pressed against Rutger Hauer, the returning living myth from a not-so-distant cinema. MK

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