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Going Places

Film Information

Exhibition Title Going Places
Director Sebastián Elsinger
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 22'
  • Kim Joon-hyung, Park Hee-eun, Suh Leigh
  • G: Sebastián Elsinger
  • F: Veknesuaran Thiagarajan
  • E: Sebastián Elsinger
  • DA: Agustina Mihura
  • S: Jésica Suárez
  • P, PE: Sebastián Elsinger, Agustina Mihura
  • CP: Yama Cine
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Nam-soo returns to Seoul after a certain time to carry on an assignment job taking a series of photos. One of the first things he wants to do is seeing his old friends, his classmates from college. Kyung-hee works in a bookstore and tries to save money to finish school. They meet, spend time together, and share their problems. They need each other, they make plans, but maybe it’s not the right time.


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