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Film Info
The Great North Korean Picture Show

Film Information

Exhibition Title The Great North Korean Picture Show
Directors Lynn Lee
James Leong
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 94'
  • Pyo Hang, Kim Un Bom, Ri Yun Mi
  • F, E: James Leong
  • P: Lynn Lee
  • PE: Lynn Lee, James Leong, Sharon Roobol
  • CP: Lianain Films
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Reagan was an actor before he became the President who won the Cold War. Berlusconi was a cruise singer before he was the lord of Italian media. Kim Jong-il was never something else, but if he would have had a choice, he would have been a filmmaker. During his ruling of the world’s last communist dynasty, the North Korean Beloved Leader kidnapped a filmmaker and his wife for eight years so they would make a film under his command; he also built his own Hollywood in Pyongyang in order to make more than a hundred propaganda films, and wrote his teachings to young talents so they would join the film industry of the only country that still lives behind the Wall. The Great North Korean Picture Show carefully reminds us that the North Korean nation is officially at war, and that countries at war fight their battles on every front they can: Kim’s people is a huge army, and life is the training field; Kim’s cinema is a weapon, and acting demands discipline and subordination. Kim is the beginning and the end of this small documentary about the most secretive country in the world in which the main character, rather charmingly actually, never appears on screen. FG

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