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Film Info
La guerra dei vulcani

Film Information

Exhibition Title La guerra dei vulcani
English Title The War of the Volcanoes
Director Francesco Patierno
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 52'
  • Ingrid Bergman, Anna Magnani, Roberto Rossellini
  • G: Chiara Laudani
  • E: Renata Salvatore
  • S: Riccardo Spagnol
  • M: Santi Pulvirenti
  • P: Clara Del Monaco, Andrea Patierno
  • CP: Todos contentos y yo también
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The volcanos war was a conflict involving two world powers that took place in the Mediterranean Sea back in the late Forties. On one side, there was Ingrid Bergman; on the other, Anna Magnani. The Italian actress had been married to Roberto Rossellini when –following the success of his films Roma Open City and Paisan– he went by the US and started a secret relationship with one of the biggest stars in that country. The scandal soon broke out, and both the Italian and international press focused on the passionate triangle: the betrayed woman, the naïve mistress, and the egomaniac filmmaker. Things being so, the duel was initiated in a rather spontaneous way. The new couple started the shoot of Stromboli, and the abandoned actress placed herself under the orders of William Dieterle to shoot Volcano –two film crews only a few miles from each other. With enough dosages of infidelity, sex, betrayal, and even the theft of patents for a new filming system, La guerra dei vulcani features one of the most exciting love stories in cinema with all the elements of a brilliantly cinephile soap opera. LL

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