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Film Info
Gypsy Davy

Film Information

Exhibition Title Gypsy Davy
Director Rachel Leah Jones
Year 2011
Format DM
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 96'
  • David Serva Jones, Judith Jones, Mallory Pred, Maria Guitron, Clara Chinoy
  • G: Rachel Leah Jones
  • F: Philippe Bellaiche, Rachel Leah Jones / E: Rachel Leah Jones, Erez Laufer
  • S: Isaac Cohen
  • M: David Serva Jones
  • P: Philippe Bellaiche, Rachel Leah Jones
  • PE: Philippe Bellaiche, Rachel Leah Jones
  • CP: RLJ Productions
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This non self-indulgent version of a personal journal fuses together with the music documentary genre in order to document an incredible hybrid that takes its title (and the atavistic spell of gypsy culture as a theme) from the song Woody Guthrie made popular. The errant story of Californian guitarist David Jones led him to Andalucía. There, he received the blessing of master Diego del Gastor, got accepted as an equal among renowned flamenco music virtuosos, and adopted the last name “Serva”. The artist’s daughter Rachel Leah Jones, documents such a deep personal metamorphosis through the testimony of her father’s five women and the children he had with them. The fatherly-filial reencounter, which will gain an epic note, occurs by the rhythm of utterly purified flamenco music, and the material collected in ten years completes the puzzle of a fascinating and unfathomable personality, someone who managed to find comfort after sowing quite a few abysses in his life and the ones of those around him. ADC


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