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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Inori
Director Pedro González-Rubio
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 72'
  • Sakae Fukui, Shigefumi Kotani, Tetsuo Yanase, Ryo Ikeo, Noriko Ikeo
  • G, F, E: Pedro González-Rubio
  • S: Osamu Takizawa
  • M: Héctor Ruiz
  • P: Naomi Kawase
  • CP: Nara International Film Festival Organizing Committee
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Pedro González Rubio meets Naomi Kawase, litterally. The Mexican director received an invitation from the great Japanese filmmaker to participate in a program she runs in the Nara Festival, with the sole condition of shooting in the outskirts of that city.

González Rubio goes into an area of mountains and forests where only a few people live, most of them elderly. And it’s as if his perception of space and time when documenting that universe so distant from his was crossed by the Kawasian spirit. Although there’s amazement in his eyes, the way he goes through that shocking nature echoes the way Kawase reveals the world.

Through the observation of old habits, and a story here and there, Inori shows us how things used to be for the locals, and how they will never be anymore.

The filmmaker’s great accomplishment lies on his precision, his ability to truly and deeply observe the singular world he finds. He stops his view there, with no attempts at over-aesthetics, and invites us to a close encounter with a far universe. VB


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