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Film Info
Mai Morire

Film Information

Exhibition Title Mai Morire
Director Enrique Rivero
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 84'
  • Margarita Saldaña, Amalia Salas, Juan Chirinos
  • G: Enrique Rivero, Aleka Rivero
  • F: Arnau Valls Colomer
  • E: Enrique Rivero, Javier Ruiz Caldera
  • DA: Christopher Lagunes
  • S: Alejandro de Icaza, José Miguel Enriquez
  • M: Alejandro de Icaza
  • P: Paola Herrera, Enrique Rivero
  • CP: Una Comunión, Zamora Films, Simplemente, Celuloide Films
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In Parque Vía (International Competition at Bafici ‘09) Enrique Rivero followed closely the everyday life of Beto, a lonely worker with no horizons beyond the limits marked by his work place. Now, we find a woman protagonist, Chayo, who goes back to her home town in Xochimilco to say goodbye to her mother and rethink her role in the family thread.

Through contemplative shots and amidst a stunning natural environment, Chayo reunites with the members of her family and the ways of a town charged with memories and ghosts. She’s where she should be, and she takes responsibility for the home chores. As she prepares for the inevitable, her perception gets confused with the –strange– reality surrounding her: there seems to be a particular disorientation, the result of her imminent loss.

The film is plagued with beautiful sequences and a certain mysticism that suggests a story of death as a part of life, a life that –as it is presented– can be both beautiful and heartbreaking .VB


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