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Estación Zombi

Film Information

Exhibition Title Estación Zombi
English Title Zombi Station
Director Javier Ferrería
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 20'
  • La Flaca Alejandra
  • G, P: Jorge Atala
  • F, DA: Hernan Aleman
  • E: Julieta Alalí
  • S: Sebastián Recalde
  • CP: Barrilete Tóxico
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The apocalypse came long ago, and we kind of got used to it. The virus spread as did the transformations in the country. Boys and girls in their immense wisdom don’t hesitate one second and quickly mutate into cannibal, voracious and consuming zombies.

Zombie kids devouring everything! Blood, guts, bad taste, beautiful ideas, trains, street vendors, loud music. No one will protect us.


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