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Film Info
La Nuit d’en face

Film Information

Exhibition Title La Nuit d’en face
English Title Night Across the Street
Director Raúl Ruiz
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 110'
  • Christian Vadim, Sergio Hernández, Valentina Vargas, Chamila Rodríguez
  • G: Raúl Ruiz
  • F: Inti Briones
  • E: Valeria Sarmiento, Raúl Ruiz, Christian Aspee
  • DA: Raúl Ruiz
  • S: Roberto Espinoza, Felipe Zabala
  • M: Jorge Arriagada
  • P: Daniela Salazar
  • CP: Margo Cinéma, Suricato
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Ruiz’s testament-film was the enormous Mysteries of Lisbon (screened in Bafici ‘11) However, in this one, his posthumous film, it’s impossible not to find a return to the origins and, at the same time, a farewell. The film stresses an idea of continuity, a way of thinking spirituality and religiousness as components of everyday life, a universe without clear borders between different lives. Three ages in the existence of a man are narrated (to put it somehow) based on his relationships with historical characters (Beethoven) or fantasy ones (a pirate with a wooden leg). The limits of reality and dream, between the world of the living and the one of the dead, are always questioned, blurred, and confusing. There are indeed several elements to believe Ruiz had the idea of death very present at the time of making this film, which in its finest parts possesses the playful spirit of surrealism, with portions of the script that seem as the result of automatic writing or free association. The ones particularly enjoyable are the word games, which seem to tell us that in the end, this life and the beyond are no more than that: a word game. FEJL


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