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Ouvir o rio: Uma escultura sonora de Cildo Meireles

Film Information

Exhibition Title Ouvir o rio: Uma escultura sonora de Cildo Meireles
English Title Listening to the River: A Sound Sculpture by Cildo Meireles
Director Marcela Lordy
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 79'
  • G: Marcela Lordy, Thiago Dottori
  • F: Janice d’Avila
  • E: Yuri Amaral
  • S: Ricardo Reis, Miriam Biderman
  • M: Sergio Kafejian
  • P: Paulo Dantas, Carol Dantas
  • PE: Carol Dantas
  • CP: Itaú Cultural, Movie&Art
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A process we need to have (very much) in mind: an artist is commissioned to do a work of art related to water, and, at the same time, a director is asked to document the creation of said conceptual work. What we get is a film that contains both contingencies, but rises above them and ends up being greater than the assignment that generated it and, quite possibly, more potent than the very process that brought it to life. As she films conceptual artist Cildo Meireles as he pursues the sounds from the basins of the main Brazilian rivers for the piece “Rio Oir”, director Marcela Lordy has no limits: she explores every possible way of capturing Meireles and his team as they record the sounds of the rivers, but she doesn’t go deep into the issues of craftsmanship or its explanations. Rather, she takes a risk and offers her own vision about these people who capture an invisible everyday life, and rounds up a hypnotic, dazzling suite that may very well be called “The Secret Life of Water”. MP


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