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La Paz en Buenos Aires

Film Information

Exhibition Title La Paz en Buenos Aires
Director Marcelo Charras
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 70'
  • Erasmo Chambi
  • G, E: Marcelo Charras
  • F: Guido Lublinsky
  • DA: Fernando Charras
  • S: Javier Farina
  • P: Marcelo Charras, Daniel Werner
  • PE: Daniel Werner
  • CP: Werner Cine
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A good portion of the city of Buenos Aires’ appeal is related to the variety of people and cultures living in it. How else could you explain that the city has, among other things, a wrestling circuit like the one in Mexico, only this one is carried on by the Bolivian community. “The Cyclone”, “The Blue Legend”, “The Great Bolivian Champion”, are some of the titles by which people know Erasmo Chambi, who apart from all that is also the father to a boy (“Cyclone Jr.”, of course) to whom he intends to leave his lifelong legacy.

The connections between wrestling and cinema are unimaginable, but there they are: the lonely protagonist carrying on each show against all kinds of obstacles, making the brochures that advertise the matches, analyzing tapes to improve performances, handling the press, the marketing, and the costumes –and most times, for a reduced audience.

Charras achieves a great combination of a coming-of-age story, an observation documentary, and a sports film within the context of a family saga, while also discovering a hidden and fascinating world. LL


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