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La república perdida

Film Information

Exhibition Title La república perdida
English Title The Lost Republic
Director Miguel Pérez
Year 1983
Format 35 mm
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 146'
  • G: Luis Gregorich
  • F: Filiberto Mugnani, Alfredo Suárez,
  • Jorge Pinasco
  • E: Miguel Pérez
  • M: Luis María Serra
  • P: Enrique Vanoli
  • PE: Diana Frey
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The release of The Lost Republic was received with bomb threats, passionate debates, and punches. There were also applauses, crying, and hurrahs. The dictatorship had been forced to unclench its hard grip, and audiences received very well the film’s synthetic, clear and optimist explanations. This documentary brought up all these things, yes, but its historical permanence is explained by other reasons. First of all, its dynamic and fluid narration, facilitated by a smart use of archive footage, a masterful editing, and a score that was built on three perfect pillars: voice-over, music, and the sound of the images. The second reason, the main one, which turned the film into an additional element in an electoral outcome, was that the film explains the need for unity and fraternity, for always rejecting violence, for taking care of freedom and the possibilities of egalitarian progress, for protecting a democratic republic’s mechanisms so it will be able to process, in a peaceful and virtuous way the conflicts that arise. The need to not regard those who think different as enemies. The same things Raúl Alfonsín, the first president of the new democracy, stood for. AC

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