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Film Info
A Story for the Modlins

Film Information

Exhibition Title A Story for the Modlins
Director Sergio Oksman
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 26'
  • G: Carlos Muguiro, Emilio Tomé, Sergio Oksman
  • F: Migue Amoedo
  • E: Fernando Franco, Sergio Oksman
  • PE: Sergio Oksman
  • CP: Dok Films
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Posterity can be a whimsical travel partner, and one morning save you forever from oblivion. First, only the people close to you remembers the exact cemetery path where you’re resting. Then, a lucky filmmaker runs across several trash bags packed with your old family memories, photos, journals, videos, press clippings and... welcome, memory.

Something like that happened to Sergio Oksman (director) and Elmer Modlin (frustrated supporting actor, a constant extra, a face for commercials in the Sixties): their fates meet one morning of June, 2003, on Pez Street in Madrid. One life, or rather three of them: the lives of Elmer, his wife Margaret and his son Nelson (all of them died in a period of only five years) are all scattered in a trash container like an abandoned puzzle. The reconstruction takes us in an uncertain journey, from New Hollywood to Spain in the late Franco years, where the Modlins share a decadent reclusion among family portraits and pictures that go over and over obsessively on a recurrent motif: the end of the world. FG


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