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Stemple Pass

Film Information

Exhibition Title Stemple Pass
Director James Benning
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 121'
  • F, E, P: James Benning
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A philosopher, mathematician, and neo-luddite (an enemy of computer development), Ted Kaczynski became known for his pseudonym “Unabomber”. Years before he started sending his sixteen bomb-letters (between 1978 and 1995), in 1971 he moved to an isolated cabin with no power or running water in Lincoln, Montana. In Stemple Pass, James Benning, a singular filmmaker Bafici audiences have known for over a decade, stays off-frame while reading Kaczynski’s writings about multiple issues, like animal hunting and preparation, anti-technology rants, reflections on loneliness, and assassination plans. The voice bursts in while we contemplate a magnificent shot of a cabin in the mountains. Stemple Pass is made of four shots, each one lasting thirty minutes, and all with the same point of view. Each shot corresponds to a season. Of course, the landscape changes a lot with different climates and our perception does too, thanks to Benning’s invitation to look, listen, and think. In Stemple Pass, Benning’s logical, organized, methodic, and radical cinema faces us with the confessions of a terrorist mind. In its own way, Stemple Pass is an enthralling political thriller. JPF

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