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Tango de una noche de verano

Film Information

Exhibition Title Tango de una noche de verano
English Title Midsommer Night Tango
Director Viviane Blumenschein
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 82'
  • Aki Kaurismaki, Chino Laborde, Diego Kvitko, Pablo Greco, M.A. Numminen
  • G: Viviane Blumenschein
  • F: Björn Knechtel
  • E: Oli Weiss
  • S: Guido Berenblum, Manuel de Andrés
  • M: Diego Kvitko
  • P: Christian Beetz, Gema Juárez Allen, Venla Hellstedt
  • PE: Gema Juárez Allen, Kathrin Isberner
  • CP: Gebrüder Beetz Filmprduktion, Gema Films, Illume
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What starts off as a documentary about the stereotypes that are the basis for a culture –featuring the iconography of tango, soccer, and the city– later becomes a rich and moving fiction about the crossroads of culture. Three typical Buenos Aires tango fans set out on a trip to Finland to confirm what great filmmaker Kaurismäki said about tango being a Finnish creation. The trip begins as an almost menacing verbal challenge, and the result is not just another journey to discover the “cultural other” and its different habits, landscapes, and times. It ends up being also a manifest on the possibility of different cultures enriching each other while maintaining their traditions and even spreading them from one generation to the next. Tango de una noche de verano was shot in Buenos Aires and Finland, on roads and big cities, and it’s spoken in porteño, Finnish, and English –this crossroads make the film more likable and moving, honest and simple. MG

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