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Film Info
Three Sisters

Film Information

Exhibition Title Three Sisters
Original Title San zimei
Director Wang Bing
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 153'
  • F: Huang Wenhai, Li Peifeng, Wang Bing
  • E: Adam Kerby, Wang Bing
  • S: Fu Kang
  • P: Sylvie Faguer, Mao Hui
  • CP: Album Productions, Chinese Shadows
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Wang Bing travels to a village in the province of Yunnan, at 10,000 feet, where only a few families survive. His trip is motivated by the need to bring these characters out of their anonymity, particularly the three girls of the title, who are aged between four and ten. Maybe that’s where the true China is –the one hiding behind whole industrialization process of the Asian giant. Wang Bing doesn’t draw from nostalgia at all. There’s not much to celebrate about in that mountain village where the few people who live there barely have anything other than potatoes to eat. It is, thought, a breadless land, which Wang Bing shoots like Buñuel did Las Hurdes –only he replaces surrealism with the photographic hyperrealism that results from the use of high definition. Colors and light contrasts feed of from each other and give the images a pictorial dimension –without aestheticizing them– that turns the characters into the heroes of the most epic story you can tell these days: survival. JP

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