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Film Info
De occulta philosophia

Film Information

Exhibition Title De occulta philosophia
Director Daniel V. Villamediana
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 70'
  • Paloma Gallego, Pavel Amilcar, Thor Jorgen,
  • Jorge Miró, Andrés Alberto Gómez, Manuel Pascual
  • E: Daniel V. Villamediana
  • G: Andrés Alberto Gómez, Daniel V. Villamediana
  • F: Madalina Stefan
  • DA: Andrés Alberto Gómez
  • S: Pascual Lorenzo, Arturo Moya
  • M: Dietrich Buxtehude, J.S. Bach, Franz Tunder,
  • J.H. Schmelzer, Dietrich Becker, Claudio Monteverdi
  • P, PE: Andrés Alberto Gómez
  • CP: La Reverencia
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The film credits say this is a film of La Reverencia directed by Daniel V. Villamediana. About him we know he made two films (The Blue Bull, The Life Sublime), so we better begin by presenting La Reverencia, a group of interpreters of ancient music. You should trust the credits: this is not a film about La Reverencia. What De occulta philosophia (the title makes a reference to Bach and one of the most enthralling mysteries of his work) proposes us is a dialogue between the both –the filmmaker and the interpreters. A dialogue between film and music, if you will, as the film makes clear at some point. Villamediana films the band’s rehearsals and the building of a harpsichord by luthier Titus Crijnen. The idea is to get inside music to try and unravel its mystery, a titanic task. Surely the mystery De occulta philosophia tries to reveal is much more modest: how to film music. But, can you actually film music? JP


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