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Vegetative Love

Film Information

Exhibition Title Vegetative Love
Original Title A’hava vegetativit
Director Dror Shohet
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 35'
  • Meir Dror, Moshe Imergy, Oded Yaffe, Vajya Burnat, Salman Sadan
  • G, P: Dror Shohet
  • F: Zevik Zelikovich
  • E: Omry Harel
  • S, M: Yuri Primenko
  • CP: Sapir College
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Trees plays an important role in the lives of five characters from Israel-Palestine: they’re a source of income, a part of the native landscape, a nature to be preserved, a consumer product, and a nuisance to be removed. Our attitudes towards trees and the range of significances we assign to them constitute a mirror that reflects human society itself. This unique film shows a strong formalist sensibility and captures the collective unconscious of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a patient observation of nature. Vegetative Love visually incarnates the famous poem by one of the great Hebrew poets, Shaul Tchernichovsky, who wrote in 1923: “Man is but a small piece of land / Man is but an image of his homeland’s landscape”. EP

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