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Film Info
Vic+Flo ont vu un ours

Film Information

Exhibition Title Vic+Flo ont vu un ours
English Title Vic+Flo Saw a Bear
Director Denis Côté
Year 2013
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 95'
  • Pierrette Robitaille, Romane Bohringer, Marc-André Grondin, Marie Brassard,
  • Georges Molnar
  • F: Ian Lagarde
  • E: Nicolas Roy
  • DA: Colombe Raby
  • S: Frédéric Cloutier, Stéphane Bergeron
  • M: Mélissa Lavergne
  • P: Stéphanie Morissette, Sylvain Corbeil
  • CP: La Maison de Prod, Metafilms
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Côté takes a long look at two women and a man living in a wooden cottage with pale blue walls and roof covered with rust. It is important to remember Bestiaire’s visual qualities in order to notice that the director most likely has some kind of comparison between two films on his mind. Vic+Flo… seems to be a really peculiar, but brilliant sequel to Bestiaire. Last year we were watching animals in the zoo; this year, we glance at women in prison for a short while and then we follow one of them far into the woods. At 61-years-of-age, Victoria (Pierrette Robitaille) doesn’t want to come back to society and pretend that she can live a normal life. Her silent, old uncle’s cottage in the forest is more or less a safe haven for her. Her lonely life becomes even better when her lover Florence (Romane Bohringer) arrives. They seem to be totally isolated, but everything goes easily for them, even if Vic’s probation officer Guillaume (Marc-Andre Grondin) does turn up way too often. For quite some time, nothing really happens; but nothing changes the fact that this subtle narrative is soaked through with bizarre humor. AB


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