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Film Info
Kidd Life

Film Information

Exhibition Title Kidd Life
Director Andreas Johnsen
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 97'
  • F: Andreas Johnsen, Jamel Sundoo, Theis Mortensen
  • E: Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen
  • S: Rasmus Winther Jensen
  • M: Cheff Records
  • P: Kirstine Barfod, Andreas Johnsen
  • PE: Julie Relund, Rune Sparre Geertsen
  • CP: Rosforth Films, Killit Films
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Faster than a speeding bullet. Harder than a locomotive, capable of crushing down whatever comes before him (a hotel room, a dressing room, a stage) in one jump. Nicholas Westwood, aka Kidd, aka the new Danish hip hop sensation, became famous in his country overnight. Even faster than that, the pressure of his ridiculous popularity (even the prime minister of Denmark was a fan of his) consumed him completely. Taking him as a paradigmatic example of the current times (yet another one), Andreas Johnsen kept a close track of this sort of reverse superhero –one with special powers to weaken himself, and unable to disguise his true identity– during the best worse year of his life. The result is Kidd Life, a direct portrait of a rebellious brat who succeeded too soon in that subtle and exclusively young art of quickly rising to the top, only to fall as hard as possible. PM


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