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Film Info
La playa del amor

Film Information

Exhibition Title La playa del amor
English Title The Beach of Love
Director Adolfo Aristarain
Year 1979
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 86'
  • Cacho Castaña, Ricardo Darín, Carlos del Burgo, Arturo Maly, Mónica Gonzaga
  • G: Gius, Adolfo Aristarain
  • F: Horacio Maira
  • E: Carlos Julio Piaggio
  • DA: Kathy Saavedra
  • S: Norberto Castronuovo
  • M: José Carli
  • P: Héctor Olivera, Fernando Ayala, Mario Kaminsky, Norberto Kaminsky
  • CP: Aries, Microfon
More info:


(…) Cacho (Castaña) is worried because his younger brother (Ricardo Darín) wants to get married. Trying to change his mind, he takes him along with Antonio (Carlos del Burgo) to a beach, so he will meet other women and forget about his girlfriend. During his forced stay by the ocean, Ricardo will realize he’s still too young to get married and will have fun with several girls. Also, Cacho and Antonio will meet Andrea (Mónica Gonzaga) and Rosita (Stella Maris Lanzani), who will make change their own minds about marriage. On the other side, the ten playback scenes featuring different singers are not forced into the plot, but rather integrate with it coherently, either the scenes shot in Spain with Camilo Sesto and Rocío Durcal, the performances by Judy Cheeks and Angela Carrasco, Cacho Castaña’s dream (very well shot and with high production value), Katunga’s intervention –in a sequence that laughs about that old scene from Bathing Beauty–, or the different beach scenes. (…) JAM (La Opinión, 2/21/1980)

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