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Film Info
No olvidar

Film Information

Exhibition Title No olvidar
English Title Not to Forget
Director Ignacio Agüero
Year 1982
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 30'
  • Elena Maureira, Corina Maureira, Cristina Maureira, Cristián Precht
  • G, PE: Ignacio Agüero
  • F: Cristián Lorca
  • E: Fernando Valenzuela
  • M: Jaime de Aguirre
  • P: Ignacio Agüero, Eugenio Ilona
  • CP: Grupo Memoria
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In 1979, when I was still in Film School, I found out about a procession to the Lonquén ovens. I went, I saw a lot of people there, and that was the first time I saw the families of the disappeared detainees with the pictures of their relatives hanging from their necks. There were lots of old women –mothers. I was drawn to that demonstration because this was a group of people that represented a new problem in Chile: the murders at the hands of the State. And while being in the procession, I was introduced to the Maureira family, which had lost five of its members: the mother has lost her husband and four of her children. I met her, and learned she went every Sunday to the ovens to leave some flowers, and then I started to think of the ovens as a giant memorial stone of Chile. A month after shooting the procession, the ovens were dynamited. I saw that clearly this was an issue of memory, an action to erase what had happened there, a censorship of the facts. I told myself I needed to make a film that would be seen and would also remain, so I started making a film about the ovens, the Maureira, and the other families.


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