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Film Info
Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts

Film Information

Exhibition Title Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts
Director Patrick Meaney
Year 2011
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 78'
  • Warren Ellis, Helen Mirren, Patton Oswalt, Joss Whedon, Will Wheaton
  • E, S: Patrick Meaney
  • F: Jordan Rennert
  • M: Zoe Blade, Hyperfactor, William Desmond
  • P: Patrick Meaney, Jordan Rennert
  • PE: F.J. De Santo, Mike Phillips, Julian Darius
  • CP: Respect Films, Sequart
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“We’re the Justice League. We’ve beaten up real gods and made them cry. You are nothing to us”. One could think the phrase “über badass” was created by the nerdiest, most devout of superhero writers. But the man responsible is the atheist –although skilled in a Maradonean and Borgean way– Warren Ellis, whose dogma when facing super-franchises is: “Why do superheroes never go against the real sons of bitches?”. A columnist in Vice, a trans-humanist, a heretic of the genre, a foundational web surfer, not everything in Ellis’ comic book work comes down to superheroes. Following his Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, Patrick Meaney talks with Ellis, lets him pretend to be a Judge Dredd-style yet strangely humanistic tough guy, and, elementally but wisely, tones down the legend –for it to become volcanic later– with fanboy interviews with Joss Whedon, Helen Mirren and Grant Morrison, among dozens of names from ComicCon. And thus creates a perfect, heartfelt cage for the polymorphous Ellis and his oil-in-water work. JMD


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