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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Z.U.G.A.
Director Eduardo López López
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 85'
  • Belén Blanco, Josefina Vitón, Paola Traczuk
  • G: Eduardo López López, Luciano Bertone
  • F: Fernando González
  • DA: Selva Tulián, Bruno Valente
  • S: Gaspar Scheuer
  • M: Manuel Adem, Gaspar Scheuer, Leandro Fresco, Jaime Genovart,
  • Oliver Messiaen, Steven R. Smith, Pauline Oliveros
  • P, PE: Franco Pelegrino
  • CP: Pendemundé
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Black. White. A snowy white. A girl is skiing. A long shot that stands as an unusual beginning in Argentine cinema. The girl’s name is Hooki, she’s a young mountain rescuer who lives in a metallic module, surrounded by radar systems and computers. She lives in a rough, solitary landscape with a post-apocalyptic feel, and technology as both the main survivor and her cold company. Inactivity sinks Hooki into boredom, until a call for help comes up on the screen. Preparations. The journey begins. Roads, tunnels, mountains, the effort to reach a solitary lab. Empty spaces that refer to our cinephile sci-fi imagination, and activate it, alert it. Clues, keys, words that might mean something and can orient the protagonist. Between the constant mystery and images of high aesthetic impact, Eduardo López López displays great skills and a superior imagination for framing, as well as a fine use of locations. JPF

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